Reflections on Reiki

I’m sitting in a sun-soaked room in Newburyport waiting for my reiki session. It’s a cool but sunny day and the ground is covered in crunchy leaves. This room is amazing: hardwood floors that squeak under your feet, huge white walls covered in colorful art, a big squishy yellow couch and chairs, pillows on the floor, and a big, white bookshelf holding books titled “The Heart’s Journey” “Care of the Soul” and the intriguing “PersonaliTrees.” Plants fill this space. The room is, above all, silent. Only the faintest music can be heard from the massage session next door.

It is Saturday: my favorite kind of Saturday, in fact. In about 30 minutes, I will meet Kristin for a reiki session. I have the pleasure and privilege of engaging in reiki about once every two months, but I crave it almost every day. Not much physical touch is involved, but the change I feel is wondrous and dare I say, magical. It is as if my soul is being cleansed and re-awoken. I have never felt such peace.

I have been vaguely familiar with reiki since high school. My best friend had tried to explain the concept to me, but I was closed-minded. I didn’t understand it: it just seemed like a new-age practice reserved for hippies and other sorts of people who were walking a very different path than myself. I pushed it to the back of my mind. After I married, my mother in law started to dabble in reiki. I had one session with her for curiosity’s sake. Although I felt relaxed, I still didn’t understand what all the chatter was about.

Then I found Kristin. My daughter was five years old and suffered from what I thought was a rare problem-a true terror of having a bowel movement. We had tried conjoling, bribing, crying, yelling, hugging-nothing worked. I saw specialists, had her undergo tests, and scoured the Internet for answers. I was desperate. I saw Kristin’s name online as a massage therapist/reiki practitioner who worked with children. I thought I would give her a try. I was at the end of my rope. 

My daughter had one session with her. Honestly, I don’t remember how effective it was. Around the same time, I found a child psychologist who seemed to help. Ultimately, my daughter suddenly grew out of it when she entered first grade. To this day, I don’t know what exactly flipped the switch. However, my sister and I decided to indulge in massage sessions with Kristin, and were very impressed. She had such a great, kind energy that was contagious. Although I longed to enjoy the massages, I found even a light touch painful. My lower back is very sensitive and tender to the touch, and I have chronic pain issues. I just wasn’t able to fully relax and get the benefits of massage. But I loved Kristin and wanted to continue treatment. That’s when she recommended reiki.

I agreed to try a session, and tried to stay open-minded. As you lay down fully clothed, she essentially becomes attuned to your energy. She is able to “read” any rough spots – any areas that require healing. How she actually DOES it, I can’t explain as I simply do not understand the process sufficiently. What I CAN tell you is that I feel completely in tune to the Universe, to angels, to a higher power. As corny and ridiculous it sounds, it is like getting a massage from an angel.

Each session is completely different. There are times when I feel like an angel or higher being is trying to communicate with me actively. My mind is full of visions, and I feel as if I am receiving messages. Other times are quieter: during my last session, there was little communication and my mind was silent. The only sensation I felt was that I was absorbing every ounce of energy available – as if I was in desperate need of healing energy and my body just took it all in.

No matter what the particular response is, I feel peaceful afterwards, very quiet, whole, and receptive to intuition. After one particular session, I went to Starbucks with my ipad to do some journaling, and I just could not tolerate the noise – the talking, the hustle and bustle, the music, the parents disciplining their children. Normally, I would be able to tune it out, but this time, I was incredibly sensitive to everything in my surroundings. The lights were too bright, the noise was too loud – everything was just too much. I had to leave and escape outside and breathe in the fall air.

Reiki is quite simply my escape from the real world and all of its problems, noise, and distractions. The peace is addictive, and the experience is beautiful. Try it – it will change your life.

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2 Responses to Reflections on Reiki

  1. healthyandlivingfit says:

    I love your description and as I’ve told you on twitter (@NotablyNicole) I am very interested in having this done.
    Welcome to the blog world 🙂

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